Tearing The Whole

What divides the one and the same?
The line in which we kill but feel no pain
Absolve from feeling, disconnect from the whole
Find a way to devise a wall to maintain resolve

All free to dissolve, caught between these walls

Why see our lies, release this guise protecting our precious sterile eyes
Why realize we justify consumption, greed, beyond our means, feeding our demise

Ion to insect, star to flame
Where is the unity misplaced?

Lie, fall, rebel, console
We’re spinning down and out of place…
I need to find a space
I’m lost in this single spoken verse

All free to dissolve
Caught between these walls

Beliefs become our actions
Common ideals overlooked
Confinement breeds stagnance
Parasitic we betray the core

Bring discriminate destruction
A plague to bring the balance back to order
With this imminent disaster
Break the human species down and down
Until we can learn the respect of symbiosis