God Damnit!
I’m so fucking tired of standing still
Dissolve it all for the thrill
There’s so many signs and reasons
Open your eyes
I just want to stay away today
Remove the tongue I’d have to bite
I’m trying to fly
You won’t move
All love, all fear, all for you
All you desire, all for you
Don’t waste with lies inside you
There’s so many lined up behind to fill our places

I can’t stay in here anymore
I cant feel, I can’t express myself
I feel me pushing away, away

Speak love for your brothers
Your actions spit in their face
You’re not supposed to shit where you eat
Pollute the water you intend to drink
Under all of this anger, this fire won’t go away
You are my life, my brothers
This is the only way
The gathering has spoken
When will we start to listen?
It’s bigger than you, more important than me

I can’t stay away for too long
I need the pain, I need this fear
So I remember why
I’m distant, but not gone

I wonder does it bleed
I wonder what if I push
I wonder can this bleed
What happens if I push
I wonder can this bleed if I pick at it
I wonder if I push will it all fall down
I wanna see if it bleeds, that’s why I pick at it
I wanna watch it fall down, that’s why I push

I can’t stay in here anymore
I need to breathe, I wanna scream
Why won’t you let me speak?
I’m distant, but I’m here

Do you see what I see?
Do you hear what I hear?
Do you feel what I feel?
Do you know what I know?